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Corporate Overview

Since 2001, QEI has been providing engineering and design services to a wide range of clients in diverse industries. While most companies use low cost engineering centers for large capital projects, we extend the benefits of our low cost center to both large and small capital and maintenance projects. This allows our clients significant cost savings on all types of projects.

Here are some examples of successful projects executed since 2001.

Chemical Terminal Expansion, Texas Gulf Coast, USA, 2002 - 2004

The scope of work included a major addition (TIC: $15 million) to an existing chemical terminal. Several new lines were added along with a new tank farm. Our Houston office supported all field related activities including:

  Understanding project requirements and defining scope
  Taking field measurements and digital photographs
  Explaining requirements to overseas engineers via various web enabled communications tools and applications
  Reviewing calculations and drawings
  Transmitting deliverables to Client
  Managing overall project schedule and quality
QEI’s India office provided a team of 12 engineers and designers to support this work including:
  Performing all engineering calculations: pipe stress analysis, structural modeling
  Designing and Drafting: Layout drawings, piping isometrics, civil/structural detailing
  Project Controls: scheduling, cost control
Despite significant modifications to an existing site, only 20% of the engineering was performed in the US and Client saved over 50% in engineering costs.

Maintenance and Small Capital Alliance, Petrochemicals Plant, Deerpark, USA, 2002 - Ongoing

As part of a continuing services agreement for a major petrochemical production facility in Texas, QEI has 5 full-time engineering staff (Project Manager, Discipline Leads) located at the plant site. The site team identifies small capital and maintenance projects, performs field services for small projects, and takes the lead in directing offshore engineering activities using QEI’s work sharing systems and applications that have been implemented at the facility. Over 30 small capital and maintenance projects have been executed since 2002. Projects include installing new equipment and piping, making modifications to existing equipment and structures, front-end engineering and estimating activities for small capital projects, and creating and maintaining inspection databases. Depending on the size and complexity of project, the overseas component has ranged from 20% to 80%. Projects have ranged between 100 - 2000 hours resulting in Client savings in excess of 40% every year on engineering and design services.

Basic Engineering, Polyethylene Licensing Package, Houston, USA, 2004

QEI provided process engineering and drafting support for P&ID development for a technology licensing package for a major Polyethylene production facility. Work also included piping modifications for the Reactor section.

Detailed Engineering Support, Refinery Expansion Project, Houston, USA, 2003 - Ongoing

QEI provided detailed engineering support services to a major E&C company in Houston for a refinery expansion project in southern USA. Scope included providing specialized Structural Modeling (STAAD), Pipe Stress Analysis (Caesar II), 3D Piping Modeling (PDS and AutoPlant), and Control Systems Engineering.

Detailed Engineering Services, Film Production Facility, South Carolina, USA, 2004

QEI supported a major US East Coast based E&C company in performing complete Detailed Engineering activities including PDS modeling, Structural Analysis, and E&I engineering for a new production facility in South Carolina.

Process Safety Management (PSM) Project, Houston, USA, 2002

QEI provided facility wide re-rating and documentation of all safety relief devices for a petrochemical facility in Houston. This project included over 100 relief devices. A QEI field engineer in Houston was responsible for updating drawings (including P&IDs and Isometrics) to reflect as-built conditions. Using the updated drawings along with the latest process information such as simulation runs and data sheets, QEI’s overseas center developed all the PSV calculations and documentation according to Client’s PSM requirements. We rated approximately 100 PSVs with about 20% of the activities in the US home office and field and the rest offshore in India.

Basic Engineering, Offshore Gas gathering facility, Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, 2001 – 2002

QEI provided front-end and basic engineering services as a subcontractor to a UK based process engineering company for an offshore gas gathering facility in Nigeria. There was substantial process work involved including simulations, PFD generation, data sheet preparation, system hydraulics, flare studies, etc. The project office was based in Abu Dhabi, and lasted 9 months.

To get specific details of client names, projects and references please send your request to: info@quotienteng.com or contact us at our Houston office.