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Basic Engineering
Control Systems
CAD Services
Maintenance Engineering
Project Management
Procurement Support
Construction Management
Mechanical Engineering  
  Plant and Unit layout
  Detailed Piping Material Specifications
  Piping General Arrangement Drawings
  System and Fabrication Isometrics
  Pipe Stress Analysis
  Pipe Support Engineering
  Piping Material Take-Offs and Control
  Miscellaneous Design Calculations
  3D Modeling of new and existing facilities
  Equipment design and specifications
  Pressure Vessels (Columns, Vessels, Tanks) – design calculations, engineering specifications and drawings as per applicable codes, including purchase specifications
  Heat transfer equipment (Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Fired Heaters) - engineering specifications and drawings as per applicable codes, including thermal sizing, and purchase specifications
  Fabrication Detailed Drawings including BOQ’s
  Rotating Equipment - design and engineering specifications for pumps, compressors, turbines, mixers, including purchase specifications.
Packaged Equipment - purchase specifications giving critical performance criteria and preferred engineering specifications
  Construction specifications
Electrical Engineering  
  Electrical Single Line Diagrams -- complete with protection and metering requirements
  Electrical Load summaries & Load Flow studies
  Emergency Power System Design
  Hazardous Area Classification
  Power Distribution
  Sizing of Power Distribution Equipment -- transformers, switch-gear, MCC/PCC
  Cable Sizing Calculations and Cable Schedules
  Area Lighting Calculations
  Lighting layouts
  Substation layout -- overall cable layout / cable schedule
  Grounding Plans and Layouts
  Lightning Protection System Design
  Cathodic Protection
  Purchase Specifications
  Construction specifications
Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering
  Control Strategy
  Control Loop Configuration
  Instrument Classification
  Logic Diagrams
  Control room instrumentation
  Purchase Specifications for DCS including System Configuration
  Definition of DCS Graphics and Alarms including Group Display, Trend Display & Screen Design
  PLC Specifications & Design of Communication Systems -- level 1, level 2 & level 3
  Control Room Layout and Specifications
  Design of Fire & Hazardous Gas Detection System
  Design of reliable Safety Shutdown Systems
  Design of Multi-fuel Burner Management Systems
  Field instrumentation
  Instrument Schedules and Datasheets
  Purchase Specifications of Field Instruments including Packaged Items
  Purchase Specifications for Instrument Cables and Construction Materials
  Cable/Tube layout
  Construction Specifications
Structural Engineering
  Geotechnical Engineering
  Soil Data Analysis
  Foundation Strategy
  Soil Densification
  Pile Design
  Foundation Design
  Machine Foundations
  Tanks and Vessels Foundations
  Industrial Building Foundations
  Raft and Block Foundations
  Design of Superstructure
  Multi-level Technological platforms
  Pipe Racks - Concrete or Steel
  Building Design - Plant and Non-Plant
  Control Rooms and Substations
  Compressor Buildings
  DG Buildings
  Maintenance Buildings
  Admin Buildings
  Gate Houses, Security Towers
  Construction Specifications
Civil Engineering
  Plant Level Philosophy
  Grading Drawings
  Storm Water Collection and Disposal Systems
  Roads and Road Crossings
  Effluent Collection Systems
  Pipe Culverts and Bridges
  Boundary Wall, Fencing
  Plant Water Systems
  Raw Water Systems, including Intake Facility, Treatment Plants and associated Purchase Specifications
  Potable Water Systems
  Cooling Water Systems
  DM Systems
Safety Engineering
  Fire Protection
  Fire Detection Systems - Gas and Smoke Detectors, Centralized Intelligent Systems
  Fire Water System Design
  Fire Water Networks
  Spray Systems
  Foam Systems
  Monitors, Hose Stations
  Sprinkler Systems
  Halon systems
  Fire Station
  Building Definitions
  Fire Alarm Systems
  Fire suppression systems
  Legacy Drawing Conversions
  2D Drafting (AutoCad, Microstation)
  3D Modeling (PDS, PDMS, AutoPlant, PlantLinx)
  QEI maintains teams at plant sites that support clients with all their maintenance and small capital project engineering needs including:
  Project Engineering
  Technical Requisitions
  Field Measurements
  Field Reviews
  Turnaround Planning
  Inspection Databases
  Start-up and Commissioning
  Project Planning and Scheduling
  Contracts Management